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Your one stop Web / Film / Marketing Solution

We are a boutique media company specializing in helping the everyday person fulfill their creative needs to achieve success.

Our Services

Our core sectors of expertise are in:  film production and editing, website design and maintenance,

Search Engine Optimization

We do specific keyword/buzzword to generate way more traffic for your website

Film Production & Editing

We have in house film production crew along with professional cameras for marketing clip to Hollywood movies!

Website Optimization

Website loading slow? No problem, we can optimize it!

Website Designs

We have in house designer to web developers. Simple yet elegant website is what we strive for!

Website Maintenance

Website related issues, 404 page not found? No problem, we can take care of that too!

SEO Strategy

We can collect website related data with analytics targeting the specific users

Since our inception, Manacan Media has been focused on building long lasting relationships.

We strive to provide individuals and small business across Canada access to Executive level Marketing and Media Services. We believe that not only large corporations should be able to have to best services. The world is continuing to become saturated with media and content across various channels, TV, print, social media, and numerous other forms. With the advancements in technology, we at Manacan are able to provide top-level professional services to all Canadians regardless in they have multi-million dollar budgets.

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Increased Revenue

Our Commitment

We specialize in extremely small one-off projects and low cost ongoing projects. There is no job too small, we are here to help one and all.

What exactly is Manacan Media Inc?

What We Do

Manacan was created to provide professional media, film, and marketing solutions that the average person or small business can afford. Getting help setting up your own website or making a video about your idea or company shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars. At Manacan we believe that everyone should be able to get access to the ‘secret’ knowledge that most media companies keep so hidden.


Helping people follow their dreams is our goal. Wether it’s just giving the final edits to make your best friends wedding video look amazing or helping a home cook design his very own foodie blog, we are here to help. Instead of looking to lock down lucrative long term big clients. We have focused on providing our services to give people or small business the extra little bump they need to get them to that next level.

Web Design and Maintenance 

Are you looking to get your first website off the ground, but not exactly sure how to do it? We can help with the whole process or just the extra creative direction needed to get you there. Already have a website, but feeling left behind or having trouble with updates of mobile optimization. We can help you with low cost maintenance to get your site looking and behaving like a champ. 

Film Production and Editing Services

With the advancements in technology, making a video has never been easier, but the same principals of film production and story boarding have stayed the same over time. We have the experience to help get the right people, equipment, and story board to ensure your video footage captures eventing that you want. Then we can give the final polish on the film, making the story clear and the footage synced to match the story that is meant to be portrayed. 

Branding and Creative Direction

  • Brand Identities 
  • Developing Marketing Strategies 
  • Film Production
  • Logo and Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Marketing Budgets and ROI
  • Web Design & Layout 
  • Post Production and Project Completion

Let Manacan Media take care of you!

52 satisfied clients with 100% average satisfaction score is not a coincidence! We take pride in our work, using the best people to do the best job.

Satisfied Clients


Avg. Satisfaction

Let's Work Together!

We are always pleased to hear from high-calibre individuals, although we would stress that we are executive headhunters and not a high-volume recruitment agency.


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